10 FEBRUARY - 31 MARCH 2017

Opening Reception
Thursday, 9th February 2017, 6 - 9 PM

Exhibition Trailer

Carter Lane Gallery is proud to present a new body of monumental landscape photography and video 'paintings' by Alexander Lindsay, to be seen here for the first time in his upcoming exhibition : "The Anarchy of Paradise” from 10th February through to 31st March 2017. Previewing 9th February 6-9pm.

Alex Lindsay’s photographs can seduce by their beauty and detail, but the disarming realisation is that behind these seductive images the very antithesis of what modern life is about is laid out in huge and savage focus.

A former war cameraman and deep ocean film-maker, who has personally entered the interior wreckage of the Titanic, today his photography transports you as voyager to a world without man, far from the self absorption that we are so often consumed by. Confounding expectations of what a photograph might be, his works are very often called 'paintings’.

Also exhibited here for the first time, Lindsay's poetic video 'paintings’, take us on a journey of time through the pathos and transient nature of life. Whether confronted by an epic landscape of the American midwest or the sublime unfolding of a peonnie's petals, his art bears witness to the exquisite complexity and indeed anarchy of our unique and magnificent planet. Our paradise.